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Vehicle Servicing

At Forbury Service Centre, we see the economic sense in proactively looking after your car, motorcycle, van, or 4WD so that you can enjoy many years of trouble-free motoring.

A well-maintained vehicle will run smoothly, increasing the life of, and maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Following a regular vehicle service schedule will ensure your car is in perfect working order. This has many benefits with one being that it will be running efficiently, thus helping you save money on fuel. That means more money in your back pocket!

Regular vehicle servicing is all about preventing larger, more complex, and potentially very expensive issues from happening. Servicing your vehicle at regular intervals will help to prevent this occurring, as your mechanic we can pick up any potential problems before they become an issue. It will save you money in the long run.

At Forbury Service Centre we offer two levels of vehicle servicing – basic and full.

Our basic service covers changing the oil and oil filter, and checking your vehicle fluid levels such as the power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windscreen fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. A basic service is perfect for a small check-up in between full services to keep on top of your vehicle’s overall health.

Completing a full service regularly will help us identify any issues before they become major problems and includes:

  • Changing oil and filter
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Cleaning the air filter
  • Checking tyre pressure, including spare
  • Adding injector cleaner to fuel tank
  • Adding windscreen washer additive
  • Lubricating door hinges
  • Inspecting tyre condition
  • Inspecting suspension/shock absorbers for leaks
  • Inspecting CV boots 
  • Visually inspecting brakes
  • Inspecting underbody

Need your vehicle serviced? Come in and see us or give us a call on 03 455 4116 for all of vehicle servicing needs.

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