Forbury Service Centre
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Tyres & Batteries

Forbury Service Centre in Dunedin stocks a wide selection of Bridgestone/Firestone tyres for your car, ute and 4WD vehicle.

A good quality tyre will give you better performance than a cheaper import in critical safety areas, such as wet weather braking and road holding. Our durable tyres have been crafted to meet the latest comfort, style and safety.

We can fit and balance new tyres, rotate your existing tyres and repair punctures.

Century Batteries

Is it time for a new battery? Here are some signs you should come in to Forbury Service Centre in Dunedin and have your battery tested:

  • Your engine turns over slowly or irregularly while started
  • Your battery loses power quickly in cold weather
  • Your headlights dim while the car is idling
  • The warning light on your dashboard stays lit for a long time after the engine starts

Our battery testing is free and we will fit you with a new battery if you need a replacement.

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