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Transmission Servicing

Flushing and changing the transmission fluid.

Forbury Service Centre’s qualified team of automotive mechanics offers both manual and automatic transmission services for your car or 4WD.

Why does your vehicle need a transmission service?

Contrary to what many people think, the most common cause of mechanical failure in cars is not actually the engine, but the transmission. A transmission service is vital because an underperforming or malfunctioning transmission can leave your vehicle compromised and potentially even dangerous. Forbury Service Centre can ensure that your transmission is running smoothly and properly.

People often forget to get their transmission serviced, and rarely consider it part of regular preventative maintenance. The cost of servicing your transmission by changing the fluid and filter is negligible compared to the potential cost of a complete transmission overhaul.

But how do I know if my transmission requires attention?

Forbury Service Centre understands it’s not always easy to identify when you should get your transmission serviced. There are some indicators you may be able to see, however; if there is a delay when taking off, or if you are losing drive intermittently, if there is a delay or shuddering between gear changes, or if the reverse gear does not operate correctly. Another indicator could be a fluid leak from the transmission. It is easy to get confused as fluid leaks from the transmission are often thought to be oil coming from the engine. If you are seeing any fluid that is reddish in colour, then it is likely from the transmission itself.

Forbury Service Centre offers the following transmission services:

  • Flush and change transmission fluid
  • Fit transmission coolers
  • Fit second-hand transmissions

If it is necessary we can also get your transmission rebuilt by specialists.

Need your transmission inspected? Come in and see us or give us a call on 03 455 4116 for a transmission service.

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